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CareerBeam is a comprehensive career transition solution that changes the way we think of outplacement

Strengthen Your Brand

Offer outplacement to each employee at every level of the organization and turn your reputation management strategy into employer brand leadership.

Earn Trust & Build Loyalty

Show your continued investment in your employees' futures beyond company lines. Give every worker access to a solution that can cut employees' average transition time by over 72%*.

Adapt To The New Standard

Today's job seekers need an accelerated path towards employment. Leverage a tech-based approach that not only meets their needs, but also meets the bottom-line of your business.

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We deliver modern outplacement with the support of talented and experienced career coaches


Our intuitive, adaptive platform rests above a powerful jobs engine that gives employees instant access to millions of jobs. Built upon our Jobs-First Approach, we immediately focus your employees on tangible opportunities ahead, and guide them each step of the way.


Our virtual outplacement platform is available anytime, anywhere, and our experienced team of CareerBeam Coaches include internationally certified career counselors, career management fellows, and professional resume writers who work with candidates at all levels.

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CareerBeam offers a very professional and complete outplacement service. It's very comforting to know that I have the Career Coach support I need and a powerful job searching platform all in one place.

— Financial Controller, Vista CA

CareerBeam works with top universities helping thousands of students successfully transition into the workforce.

Outplacement Resources

An effective outplacement strategy starts with a solid plan. Use our resources to craft your own today. Start with our Reduction-In-Force Checklist.

*Based on a 2013 Customer Survey conducted by CareerBeam, users of the CareerBeam solution transitioned back into the workforce within 9 weeks, compared to the national, seasonally-adjusted 33-week average as reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics in November 2014.